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review in the bullitin

"The diverse portrayal of human experience is refreshingly unexpected with a pervasive sense of humor. Cassidy knows how to make the ride fun, expertly balancing a fun-loving, go-with-the-flow perspective with a clear appreciation for the people he photographs.... The juxtaposition of intricate portraits and thought-provoking statements creates a coffee table book that is both beautiful and highly relevant to current discussions, regardless of one's opinions about violence or gun regulations. By placing weapons in a holistic context of home life and family and broadly considering the "Why?" of gun ownership, Armed America presents the possibility of dynamic engagement with a complex issue, rather than continuing a polarizing and stagnating debate. The people become REAL, while the guns, in spite of their omnipresence, fade into a comfortable background."

-- The Philadelphia Bulletin

[and dig tattiana from this morning telling me to get up.]

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