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I'm going to be on KGAB with Dave and Amy at 9:00 this morning for 20 minutes, then after that at 10:35 am EASTERN KMED-AM (1440) Medford OR, 20 min, Live, with Total Information.

I never post lyrics, but I've got this song by Anna Vogelzang stuck in my head. Anna used to tour with the Dresden Dolls a lot, which is where I first met her. Did you ever think someone was going to write a serious song about Paris Hilton that would make you feel sad and thoughtful?

Singer/Songwriter fanz clickenzee to download an (authorized bootleg) mp3 of it from the show I saw last week. Her website is

Paris Hilton

Paris baby take a bite
it probably will save your life
you dream in dehydration
you dream of dehydration

Paris baby don't stop now
you got to make it through some how
I'll meet you on the outside
I'll meet you on the other side

Paris baby please sleep tight
we hear you have been up all night
your mother she will miss you
your mother she will miss you

why do you want to suffer?
why do you like to suffer?
why do you love to suffer?
why do we love to watch you suffer?

Paris baby read that book
I hear it does some good for looks
it's wisdom it will save you
it's verses that will save you.

and Paris baby dry your tears
we would have locked you up for years
but all you had was whisky
all that you had were pills and whisky

I love your hair
I love your hair
I love your hair
I love your hair

I love I love I love I love I love
I love I love I love I love I love
I love I love I love I love I love
I love

Paris baby take a bow

(this all ain't the good news either, that later)

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