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it's not all cats and radios!

So on Wednesday I was the guest flapping mouth in Matt Reece's photography class at Drexel -- I talked about ... I can't really say, I just threw a bunch of photos in a folder and talked about them. Then afterwards Matt and some of the students and some various hangers-on went out to Pod (which is where guest lecturers always go, right? Pod, cause we're like super cool and all.) I ate three giant vegetarian sushi rolls. We appropriated a POD, and from there we ruled the world, largely benevolently, for the next couple of hours..

i totally posed this shot of Matt and Kelly. It's the sort of scene you expect to see in one of the pods.

I didn't pose this shot of kelly, matt, and kelly. okay, i did.

so, you sit around watching "thundercats" long enough and then conversation obviously drifts to speed racer, and from there, the obvious leap is to

scooby doo:

i totally posed this one too. I always think there should be something dramatic going on in the Pods....


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