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the fickle love of radio talk show hosts

I've been on a lot of radio shows lately. I just got finished "Conversations with Peter" (Solomon) on 610 WIP. When I was growing up, that was the radio station we listened to. My mom had a thing for Ken Garland, the morning show guy -- he was extraordinarily popular and sadly, died of lukemia in 1992.

Anyway ... so, it was almost a homecoming of sorts, except that WIP has since gone to an all-sports format with the exception of this book show they bury on Sunday mornings at 6:30 when the only people listening are most likely hung-over football fans lying on the living room floor after an all-night bender. They actually called at 6:15 -- I guess things were running early. Anyway, it was a 30 minute spot and Peter asked a bunch of low-ball questions, which I was grateful for. But he sounds just like Dr. Dan Gottlieb from "Voices in the Family" sort of this "I'm going to drone you back to sleep" voice -- which must be dangerous to have on so early in the morning. I imagine a few hung-over sports fans are going to wake up at noon with the radio pounding in their head and a strange desire to look at photos of guns....

When radio hosts are done the interview, one of three things happen:

1) They hang up "it was great to have you kyle, next up [CLICK]"
2) A producer comes on the line and thanks you "Kyle, this is Fred the producer, thanks so much for being on the show, what a terrific interview, we're all flipping through your book and we can't put it down."
3) The host comes back on during the commercial "Hey Kyle, this is Al again, thanks for being on the show, it was really great to have you. Have a wonderful day."

Though I realize it's just business -- they're making a show, I'm selling books ... I really like it when they don't just hang up.

This is from Friday evening. Trill and I were watching "Creature from Black Lake" (followed by "Dark Remains") when it got all dark and stormy. As usual, all the great ones happened while I was setting the camera up.


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