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kitten emergency update and a new kitten that needs a foster home

From City Kitties. kitten emergency update and a new special needs kitten that needs a foster home.

Dear City Kitties Supporter,

Thanks so much for your generous donation--it came at just the right time.
On Monday, a beautiful tortie kitten was brought to the vet where Lori works
in critical condition after being hit by a car. The folks who brought her
in were trying to do the right thing, but were unable to pay for her care
and signed her over to City Kitties with a donation to help. An x-ray
revealed that she had a broken pelvis and will need 6-8 weeks cage rest,
pain medication, and plenty of love. The staff have sinced dubbed her
Squirrel, and she has proven to be sweet and affectionate despite being in a
lot of pain and doped up on medication. Soon, Squirrel will come to live at
CK "Headquarters" (our house!) in West Philly, where she will stay in a dog
crate to limit her movement until she is back on her feet and ready for

Meanwhile, this morning a blind kitten was dumped on the front steps. About
7 weeks old, this cute little brown tabby with white markings has two
ruptured corneas. Based on the information we have right now, it looks like
she will be having surgery to remove the remainder of her ruptured eyes to
prevent further infection. But thanks to your donation, she will still be
able to live a long, fulfilling life! Right now we really need to find a
quiet foster home where she can gain her bearings following surgery. And of
course, if anyone is interested in adopting this special girl, we welcome
that, too. All she will really need is a quiet home where the food, water,
and litterbox stay in the same place. You can read more about the life of a
blind cat here<>

Again, thanks so much for your continued support. We couldn't have helped
these two cats without you!

-Louisa & Lori

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