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300 Reviews

so roswell and i watched "300" tonight. she slept under a chair for most of it. if you haven't seen it, it's basically a two hour rip-off of the siege of Gondor it's complete with orcs, olephants, pit of Khaazad Dum (though the scene of the dude falling into it isn't anywhere near as cool as the opening of the Two Towers watching Gandalf take the ride of his life on a Balrog's behind), a cave troll (that looks and behaves just like the one from Moria) exotic fighters from Far Harrad, and even it's own Gollum, plus a lot of old costumes they must have had lying around after Peter Jackson ran off to get his Oscars and left the keys to the costume department in the bathroom of a bar on Sepulvita. Not that this is a bad thing. The Siege of Gondor was pretty good and 300 manages to do it without the sillyness of Legolas sliding around an elephant like a sk8r boi on a halfpipe.

300 "borrows" from a few recent success stories (like Gladiator and Stargate) but does a credible job at providing an hour and a half of nonstop slow motion mayhem (in the strictest legal sense) -- there's hardly a frame that doesn't have a severed limb flying through the air. Im glad I saw it, though I wish i'd just netflixxed it instead of buying the 2 dvd collectors edition...

forgive me, it's European, but it's the only armor i've seen lately -- from the nicki jaine show earlier in the month.


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