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City Kitties Update.

You win some, you lose some. Squrrel, the kitten that was hit by a car is recovering at the Cat Doctors, the blind kitten, sadly, died during the surgery to remove the remains of her infected eyes. I never met her, but I still feel really bad about this. Such a horrible life to live for so short a time

City Kitties has a new kitten someone found under a car, a tuxedo, who is looking for a place to stay -- think of it, a tiny Roswell. And, in insane news, Nelson, the three legged kitten y'all helped get his operation has yet to be snatched up! You could give him a home!

If there's money burning a hole in your pocket or you want to make a tiny memorial to the blind kitten who didn't make it -- City Kitties always needs money and always has more kittens than they have homes for.


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