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War Paint

It was my great honor last night to meet George Kolodzey who fought during WWII in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. After experiencing war, he dedicated the rest of his life to stopping it so that other people wouldn't have to go through what he did."I've been shot at, bombed at, torpedoed at, Kamakazied at," he told me, "I've been to war and I hate war." He is a spry and wonderful man, and a talented painter.

George Joseph Kolodzey, Chief Radioman, USS Wilkes
11 February 1941 - 13 February 1946

" ... I was the chief radioman, so I called the Captain over -- you never talk to the captain -- and said You better have a look at this, sir. The message said Air raid Pearl Harbor. This is not drill. He grabbed the message and ran out of the room and said This is war!

"There was a guy on the boat who had this same tattoo, and I always liked it, three horses. I said If I'm ever crazy enough to get a tattoo, that's the one I'd get. And about a year later, I'd been out on liberty, and I woke up with this bloody paper towel taped to my arm and I thought I don't remember getting in a fight, or getting stabbed and one of the other guys started peeling back the paper towel and he said There's a tattoo under here! So I had a tattoo. But I always liked it."

More from
War Paint: Tattoo Culture and the Armed Forces here.

(Quotations aren't verbatim, I haven't gone through the transcripts yet)

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