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we're back

In the airport one of the homeland security guards stopped us as we were going through immigration. "Are you an actress?" he said to Trillian, "Yes," she answered. "I saw you," he said, "In My Cousin Rachel."

What a glamourous couple. I had to poke a couple of paparazzi in the eyeballs on the way out so we could get our bags unmolsted.

Tatty: "Nothing go in, sir."
Milla: "You left this place in chaos! The fat black and white one is bashished I say! She is noisy and uncouth!"
Roswell: "Yaaay!! Pick me up! Rub the belly! I had a grand adventure! There were katnappers! And nori, and I ate the whole thing! And then I ate more!"
Momcat1: "Oh crap!"

Matt gave me a copy of his book with is funny as hell. oh dear. I'll have to find links to some of those.

Lots of work to get caught up on.

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