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From day one, tatty's always been the ghost chaser. She never relaxes. She has to sit on the highest thing in a room (which may be your shoulder), the fridge, a bookshelf, the top of the TV) -- and she's always alert. Occasionally she'll start paying intense interest to some corner of the room, and then leap over to it and chase something invisible up the stairs. Then she'll come back and stand guard again. No doubt without tatty, I'd have been ghost food long ago.

While I was gone I left strict instructions that nobody was to vacuum momcat's carpet. partly because it scares the pants off of her, but partly because the whole time I was gone I was envisioning pushing the Dyson across that field of fur and watching the clean spot come up.

Oh it was satisfying. Only those with the severest forms of phaneromania can imagine how good that felt.

Phil and Roswell and I watched "The Curse of the Gold Flower" last night. Lots of intrigue, some awesome battle scenes -- there should have been more.

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