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Throughout all of the making of Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes I wanted, above everything else, to be fair. To show my subjects as people, in a portrait they would think representational of their every day lives, to not pick a side, and produce a book that would sit squarely in the middle and let people formulate, reforumlate, or discuss, their own opinions without anything being thrust upon them.

The Washington Post, NPR, and the BBC all found it interesting and had nice things to say, but I'd been a bit apprehensive because the "main stream" gun media had, if not ignored it, at least given it a bit of a sideways look. I was concerned that, as much as I'd tried, perhaps I'd come up with slanted results. I heard the directors of Jesus Camp were hoping that their movie would do well among the religious right, but many of them panned it as not being representational -- Oscar nominations aside -- this is not a chair I wanted to be sitting in.

Well, -- I breathed a big sigh of relief yesterday when I saw that Guns & Ammo -- about as "mainstream" as the gun media gets -- gave it a glowing review. Saying, in part:

"Cassidy's genius extends beyond photographic excellence and vividly captures the subjects' personalites as well as their widely differing views on gun ownership."

If "Guns & Ammo" and Wisconsin Public Radio both agree -- we must have done good.

(sorry for all the book related posts lately -- there will be images of England coming up.)
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