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momcat loves me *

So, Roswell and I were sitting out in the back yard this morning around 6:30 or so watching the sun come up and enjoying breakfast when Momcat walked out the back door. I've always had an open door policy with her because I just want her to be happy, she could always leave when she wanted, but she'd never taken advantage of the opportunity to go. She looked nervously at me, and out at the yard and I felt a twinge of deep sadness that I hadn't been able to make her life a happy one, that she's still afraid and feels unloved.

"Are you leaving me baby?" I asked.

She looked over and me, then back into the yard for a long time and then ran back into the house.

Roswell rolled around in the dirt on her back. She was like a fithy sausage when I finally picked her up and brought her back in. So many flowers left unchewed.

* not really

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