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it's party time

Ladies and gentlemen, the extraordinarily lovely mardrom from Moscow, Russia becomes the 1000th person watching the madness unfold here at Casa del Milla, where we're putting on our party hats and drinking a toast to her and everybody else who hangs out and answers my questions about palm pilots and lets me crash on their sofas when I'm in England and Arizona, rescues kittens and puppies and the like and generally makes this a cool place to be.

It's hard to believe that there are a thousand people looking at my breakfast every morning. Or, as the case may be, my dinner. Karl posted that he'd seen a review of my book in Playboy, Trillian scouted around and found nothing -- Devoted Satellite went to every n00die bookstore for miles and couldn't find one (you'd think it was plutonium or something) so Milla and I made her dinner -- an absolutely fantastic rice and beans.

It met with Milla's approval, and Devoted Satellite says it's "pretty damn good"

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