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todd young's rock band!

One of Philadelphia's best kept secrets is Todd Young and his Rock Band. I first came across Todd at one of those mammoth West Philly parties back in 1998, you know the one, with the red plastic cups and things going on in the 11 different rooms of one of these great four story mansions where 19 people live and you wander from room to room running into people you don't expect to see -- well, in one of these rooms I stumbled into Jennifer Blakeley (who was in the band Crossroads Community Choir) singing an amazing 20 minute medly of White Rabbit and The Battle of Evermore with this guy who I can only describe as a funny Kurt Cobain -- not that he looked funny, but he was hilarious when he spoke. It was local underground celebrity Todd Young (minus his rock band). His performance was so ... serious and funny all at the same time that I gathered up all my friends and went to his next show and didn't miss one for years afterwards. Take one part Neil Young (Todd's name is, unfortunately, actually Neil Young, so he has to call himself Todd), one part Nirvana, one part Dead Milkmen and one part ... guy at a yard sale buying old typewriters and you might have some idea what one of his shows is like. In the way that the Dresden Dolls can make you laugh and cry at the same time with a song like Christopher Lydon ... well, that's what Todd is like.

Then he got sucked up by local sensation EDO to play keyboards and the Rock Band ... went away. Imagine my delight when I got a call from Todd last week saying that the Rock Band was getting back together and they needed some photos.

He's got an album called "Here Comes the Music" -- if you can find it, get it, or check his website for MP3's. But buy his album. And then email him and ask him to do another one. And ask him to record "Cat on a Leash" this time.

Todd Young and his Rock Band.


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