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found on the interwebs

how to tame a feral cat:

1) Talk to the cat. Use a calming, soothing tone and talk softly to it.

2) Come into the cat's area when you feed it. Don't try to get too close. Let the cat come to you.

3) Once the cat feels comfortable around you, you can move around the enclosure to clean it. Don't make any sudden moves, or the whole thing is off. Eventually, the cat will look forward to your visits, and you can increase their frequency. Don't make them longer for now.

4) You can begin to pet the cat, carefully at first, when the cat comes to you as you are caring for it's physical needs. A scratch behind the ears or on top of the head or base of the tail is all. Don't push the cat, let the cat lead. You can also play with the cat now, using an interacive wand-type toy. This promotes bonding and lets the cat show off for you.

5) After about two weeks of this, you should be pretty close to a tamed cat.


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