kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

in saint louis with the zombie squad

"I could hear the shrapnel bouncing along the steel deck and I prayed; Oh God, don't let my legs get cut off.... Around the ship were hundreds of bodies, floating in the water, up against the hull." Raymond Dierkes, Ship Fitter 2nd Class, Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944

"In the Navy," he said, "I was with wonderful people who taught me so much. I learned then, be nice to people, be happy, and things will work out. It's all you can do."

"We were hit by Kamakazi planes three times. We shot seven down, but we were hit three times, it never ended, they were constantly attacking. When they were strafing the deck I could see the bullets coming towards me, the ship was on fire, and my signal flags caught fire. I tried to put them out. You don't know how to react, because you've never experienced anything like that." -- Robert Dorn, LCS57, April 12, 1944

It was my great honor today to meet and talk to some amazingly brave and remarkable men who left their homes as children to fight in a war for something they believed in, saw things that no one should ever have to see, came home forever changed, but kept on going, and kept on believing.

(Some of them also told me the most scandalous stories about tattoo parlors in Honolulu and Tijuana.)

Thanks to the Zombie Squad for knowing everybody.

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