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the dolls -- unearthed

sometime in ... 2002 or 2003 i photographed the dresden dolls in the rubble surrounding my house (hurricane, abandoned building, crash crash). i photographed them with the leica d100 and also with a nikon f2 with a 24mm lens on fujichrome 100 professional. the digital photos came out so well i never developed the film and it sat in the camera on a shelf for years.

a few weeks ago i thought "hey, this 12mm lens would be fun to play with on a film camera -- oh wait, there's film in here." so i dropped the fujichrome off at Ye Local Labbe. I was surprised to see how faded the colors were, you'd think it had been lying around for sixty years. it took a lot of photoshop to get this even partially presentable. but, as y'all know the digital shots came out fine, so these are all just for fun.


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