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Trillian's Play

Let's hear it for Trillian. All her hard work and "I can't, I have rehersal" begins paying off this weekend when "Boy Gets Girl" opens at Celebration Theater. Come out and support my superstar.

I'll be there Saturday before QNTAL and probably again on the 18th.

From Celebration's website:

Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman
In this sensitive tale, Theresa Bedell, loves her work and the life she is making for herself. Bedell agrees to go on a blind date with the friend of a friend. She decides to discontinue the relationship, but her blind date continues the pursuit. What at first appears to be playful persistence turns into dangerous obsession. Celebrated playwright Rebecca Gilman exposes the complex themes involved with modern-day dating. What makes this drama so scary is that it is so believable.

Show runs Oct 12-14 &18-21.
Tickets are $17 for Adult and $15 for Seniors & Students, $12 for children under 12
(this show is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16)

The Friday Oct 12th performance will feature a Wine and Cheese Reception before the show for an additional $5 per ticket.

Discussion - Thursday Oct 18th will feature a "talk-back" following the play.
All are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

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