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war paint

"I had these put on here purposefully -- of the units that I served in. I served in Korea as a fleet marine force combat corpsman with fox company 2nd battalion 7th Marines, who happen to be the most decorated outfit in Korea. My duties were of course to take care of wounded. I got out in 54 and saw the handwriting on the wall, went back in in 60, and went through Paris Island then I went to Vietnam.

"The first tattoo I got was a US Navy tattoo. I got that in 1952. This is FNF fox 2/7 who i served with in korea. I don't remember the tattoo artist who did them, I went to tattoo shops in San Diego.

"The Viet Nam ones I got done at Jerry's Tattoos -- up on route 13, he's a Vietnam vet. Jerry did part of the Korean one, this part I got a long long time ago, right after Korea in California, Jerry did the rest. The POW/MIA tatto broke down, I guess from moving my hand, the ink didn't stay solid -- I think it looks better this way, because it looks like the mental strain -- the traumatized brain -- to me that puts the whole picture of a prisoner of war -- so I left it as is."

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