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Cooking with Roswell - lj cuts be darned!

The local Chinese delivery place gave us way too much rice the other night so Roz and I decided to make rice and beans this morning.

The Recipie

1) Be on the lookout for squirrels. These vicious beasts will eat up your rice and beans in a heartbeat and leave you with none.

2) Once you're sure the coast is clear, dump the rice into a microwave safe container (you can also use rice you just made, obviously -- when Roz and I do this, we toss in a vegitable bullion cube with the rice -- it makes it much nicer. If using yesterdays Chinese delivery rice, add about four tablespoons of water, microwave it for two minutes, and break it up.

3) Add one can of black beans for every pint of rice.

thats right, one can of rice for every pint of rice. Roswell doesn't believe me, but it's true. Add to that one large diced tomato and one small chopped green pepper. You can also add glassed onions here if you'd like.

4) Mix the rice, beans, and tomato with one large tablespoon of Goya Sofrito -- this stuff is the secret weapon, I swear. You can make your own if your supermarket doesn't carry it -- it's basically a tomato base soup starter and general whatnot awesome.

5) Microwave for six or seven minutes.

6) Eat with someone you love.


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