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Brainclaw at Emerald City

Brainclaw is a happy industrial band. I like that about them. They're very aware that they're doing exactly what they want to be doing and they never fail to realize how lucky they are. Lying somewhere on the cusp between EBM and Industrial, they'd be happy to be compared to Front 242 and Gary Neuman their live show is energetic and chock-full-o-lasers, their latest album is a strong departure from the, geez, 10 or 12 that came before; a result of the collaboration between DM16 and new keyboard player (and spouse) Spinewrench and the time DM16 spent away from Brainclaw as a member of Carfax Abbey. He's come back harder and edgier with a really solid album and a great show -- the addition of live drums makes a big difference.

The set included most of the tracks from the latest Insekt / Angel plus two covers, Tears for Fears "Mad World" and a very well received rendition of Depeche Mode's "Stripped".

more photos here:

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