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trillian's play - who wants to go with me this friday?

I went to see Trillian's play, Boy Gets Girl on Sunday and it was absolutely amazing. From the clever set design, to the costuming, to the performances it was really much more than I expected. At it's heart, Rebecca Gilman's tale of a woman at the unwanted end of a stalker's progressively psychotic and relentless advances is unsettling and even terrifying, but throughout, even in the midst of some of it's most disturbing scenes, there is a great humor brought about by some extraordinarily witty dialogue and great interplay between the characters. These are exceptionally clever people being clever with one another which makes it all the more poignant and makes them all the more real. These are people that we rapidly grow to care about and when circumstances become grueling, we find ourselves at times trying to stifle laughter when we feel we should be somber, begging our neighbors for permission to react to gallows humor. It's probably not unsurprising that I found Trillian's starring role amazingly well acted -- after all it was her captivating performance in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that first drew my attention to her -- I'll try not to spent too much time gushing pride, but she plays every mood, from comedic, to aloof, to serious, to angry, terrified, and tearful with the rarest type of acting -- the sort that doesn't seem like acting -- it's like being an invisible participant in real life. Also notable is Ben Kendall who plays Les Kennkat (a thinly disguised Russ Meyers) to fantastic effect, in a role that I was left not sure was written to be comedic, Kendall finds belly laughs from places you wouldn't expect and steals every scene he's in, even in his beleaguered and bedridden end.

From it's witty beginning to an ending gone so horribly wrong, Boy Gets Girl is threatening because there is no place where our heroine makes a mistake, no place we can trace back to and say "She never should have done ...." The idea that terrible things can befall people for no reason and with no way to predict or avert them is the real terror here. And the ability of people to endure, survive, and rise above strikes at the very core of what makes us human.

Boy Gets Girl closes this week at Celebration Theater in Landsdowne. Showtimes are 8:00 Thursday-Saturday and 7:30 on Sunday.

I'm going back on Friday. Hope to see many of you there.

From 47th and Baltimore, drive 3 miles west on Baltimore to Landsdowne Ave, turn left, the 20th Century Club is .2 miles down on the right, #84. Their website is

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