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Vitalij stopped over Saturday night, back from a South American tour, he was in high spirits. We hung out for a while and I went to Trillian's play and then to the cast party where it was marvelous to stand around the catering table while people said great things about her and passed around the reviews, which were all fabulous.

Today I had jury duty. I never even got to voir dire, which sucks because I do look at this as my opportunity to help our justice system work and I do want to put the time and effort into it, because I'd want someone else to put the time and effort into it if I were depending on a jury. I felt kind of deflated when I left, like a useless cog (both of the trials I might have been called for plead guilty at the last minute) but the whole thing gave me about five hours to work on the play I started writing for Trillian on the plane back from England. It's nearly done.

I got home and changed into microfleece lounging pants and lounged on the bed with Momcat1, typing. She doesn't love me, but she has yet to attack me. It's been a frabjuous day, actually. I'm going to finish typing this up and momcat and I will listen to the radio play of At the Mountains of Madness.

Life is pretty darn good.

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