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My father, because he's the coolest person on earth, got me season one of Hill Street Blues a couple of months ago and I've been watching it and it's made me think about a lot of things. Daniel J. Travanti (who plays Captain Furillo) was born the same year my father was, and Veronica Hamilton (Joyce Davenport, esq) was born the same year my mother was -- making them exactly the same age as my parents when we were watching the show back in 1980. And, in one of the episodes Captain Furillo has a birthday, and he's two years younger than I am now.

I never thought I'd grow up, I never thought I'd be an adult, and the thought of all that responsibility -- running a police station and delivering witty repartee and advice (I know it's fiction, but people do stuff like that) -- the weight of the world on your shoulders and I'm thinking Where's my great responsibility? What burden of the world am I shouldering?

In any event -- my friends (y'alls) thanks for a most spectacular birthday bash last night. Many thanks to Trillian, and Patrick at Dancing Ferret, and my most awesome friends in Carfax Abbey, and Voltaire and everybody who came out and came up and said hello and thanks for all the well wishes here -- it means a lot. (Someone back stage asked "where's Roswell?" -- she hates loud noises.)

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