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double double, toil and trouble. fires burn and cauldron bubble!

so last night it got cold enough to light a fire. always a favorite with the keh-tenz, especially tatiana who loves to sleep in front of one. thus began a lazy evening of book reading.

then .... whafford stopped down (he's back from merry old, if you haven't been following his lj) it was at this moment that i remembered Trillian had asked me a long time ago to get more Spike Jones 78rpm records for the victrola (if you don't know who spike jones is, think Weird Al Yakovick, but in 1943) -- sweet barking cheese! i'd bought someone's whole collection of spike jones 78's a month ago and never opened the box!

so we spent the rest of the evening listening to spike jones.

it was awesome. (if you have not heard Flight of the Bumblebee on a trombone, you have not lived properly.)

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