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"There's nothing in this machine that you can't fix with us on the phone with you, but you're going to be fixing stuff, if you don't think you can handle that, you probably should't be buying 30 year old machines." -- that's what they told us at TNT Amusements when we bought the pinball machine.

And now, I feel so Uber Cool, because I am PINBALL REPAIR MAN. On fridy both the upper flippers stopped working. I Called TNT and they talked me through diagnosis over the phone, a wire had come loose on one of them (there's a soldering gun INSIDE the pinball machine -- how prepared is that??)

The other flipper was much more difficult to diagnose, but Dr. Brad and I eventually discovered that a plastic "paw" had acutally MELTED causing binding in the metal sleeve it fit into. I took it apart and shaved the melted bits.

Then we were back in business. Trillian here points to her amazingly high score which is twice what I've ever got.

That is all.

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