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there was a german film crew here this weekend doing a story on armed america.

Here's Jan, Peter, and Brigitte:

I asked Brigitte if she was going to buy lots of stuff while she was here because the dollar is so worthless now compared to the Mark -- she said "Maybe some Cheerios for my kids. We don't have that in Germany." No Cheerios? Holy smokes. No bottled green tea either. for shame europe! for shame!

they wanted to interview Donno and Judy, who are on the cover of the book and to have some video of me actually taking photos so they asked if I'd take a new portrait of Donno and Judy -- I thought it was old news but Donno said "Great! I have a new gun!" and Judy said "Our turtle can be in this one!" so ...

I didn't have any lights with me, but they just wanted shutter clicks.

Uzi just loved having people in the house.

Jan and Uzi have a contest to see who can stand on one leg the longest:

It was a fun time. Brigitte and Peter kept telling me stories about segments they'd done with Cowboy Poet Baxter Black and actress Isabella Rosillini and the like -- it seems there's no one they haven't met. Including Taryn Simon, the photographer who did the awesome book The Innocents.
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