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attention trolls and cyberbullies -- LJ has implimented a "flagging" procedure which will allow all LJ users to flag other people's posts as inappropriate. this will provide you endless amounts of fun, flagging your lj-enemies posts as "graphic adult content" and dropping it immediately in the moderation que.

oh joy. ring in the new year of 1984 right here:

i recommend y'all either make a big stink with LJ about this idiocy, or just start flagging every post you see. in fact, this post might be rife with sexual innuendo.

from the post:

* Adults will remain able to see all content on the site unless prevented by the exisiting [sic] security settings.
* The primary goal is to give you the ability to mark your own content so that kids aren't seeing stuff that is meant for adults.
* You now have the option to flag other people's content that you think is inappropriate for users under the age of 18. However, nothing will happen to that content unless multiple people flag it. Only then will it be sent to the Abuse Prevention Team for review.
* If your content is flagged by other users, adults will still be able to access it as long as they have the appropriate permissions.
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