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in which kyle and yags fix the furnace....

so for the last two days, trillian's been wandering around saying "this place is freezing! this place is freezing!" -- which it obviously wasn't, so i've been responding "drugs are for loosers! drugs are for loosers!" well, some time this morning i realized that a) i have a fever and i'm burning like an elite southern california neighborhood and b) according to the thermostat, the temperature was 42' in here.

i have one of those robot thermostats because i'm george jettson, so it shouldn't have been 42' degrees. so i bumped the temperature up manually. nothing. i pulled the thermostat off and touched the two wires together. nothing. i used a circuit tester ... nada. yags checked the basement and found a blown fuse yeah, a fuse. i tested the fuse socket, it had power going through it. now, where to find a replacement fuse in this day and age? ah, screw that, a penny fits perfectly in there and will take 5,000 volts at 91 amps to burn through. still nothing. a blown fuse and something else? wtf!

we scratch our heads and open up the furnace. the pilot light's lit. it doesn't smell like gas.

we scratch our heads again and follow the wires from the fuse box to the furnace. they all look like they're doing what they should be doing.

"you know," i say, "there's a big red button here on the furnace."

"what happens if you push it? it could be bad."

"why would someone make a big red button if you weren't supposed to push it?"

"maybe red means 'bad'"

"maybe red means 'go'"

"maybe it means 'stop'"

"if red meant 'stop' there's be another one that meant 'go'"

"maybe it's like scramming a nuclear reactor."

"you mean like maybe it dumps it fuel and goes off line?"

"yeah, maybe that's what it is."

"i'm going to push the red button."





furnace now working. when in doubt, push the red button.

soup for the sick!


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