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ladies and gentlemen....

welcome to my sick bed where we have had

Maximum Cat Density for nearly two days now!

To my knowledge, MCD has only been achieved TWICE during observable circumstances before this, and once momcat was actually in the stairway looking in, but i counted it anyway.

last night trillian came by and brought me soup and oj -- i have since depleted those stores, but susan jacobson has emailed to say "are you still sick? shall i drop off some soup?" so roswell and i will be chowing down in the sick bed once more. (yay neighbors!)

trill and i saw a couple of really good movies in the past couple of days -- the first was "Live Free or Die Hard" which I must say I think may be the best in the franchise -- I'll have to watch it again, but the acting performances by bruce and his younger cast mates (featuring "I'm not Jude Law," "I'm not Lucy Lu," "I'm not James Caan," and "I'm not Keanu Reeves") were credible, dialogue witty, action rah! rah! rah!

then last night we watched UNDEAD -- a 2005 zombie flick from Down Under -- and holy smokes it was awesome. it was very like Sean of the Dead, but IMHO, better, albeit on a much lower budget -- better than Hide and Creep, much better than From Dusk Till Crap.

one of these days i'm actually going to photograph some tattooed vets.
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