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kyle and momcat sitting in a tree....

i touched momcat!

three times.

here's how it happened.

none of the cats have moved all day with the exception of roswell, who got up to sit on the laptop a few times. but basically, they are in EXACTLY the same positions they were when i photographed them. anyway. finally, i figured i could TRICK momcat by petting Tatiana -- so i walked to the foot of the bed, momcat didn't even move; knelt down next to tatty and started scratching her head. momcat was fooled. tatty purred. momcat's sort of like the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal -- if you're not looking at her, she's sure she's invisible to you. anyway -- i started moving my left hand towards momcat, all the while scritching tatty with the right and not looking at momcat. i was hoping she'd sniff my finger, but she didn't. so after a minute or so, i reached my finger down ever so slightly and touched her foot which she pulled back an inch like "watch it you asshat" but she didn't leave. so i moved my finger over to her again and finally she was like "whatever, i'm going to go sit somewhere else, where the men aren't so FRESH." and she stood up and stretched, looking away from me, and while she was doing that i reached out and touched her side once, twice, and then for no reason roswell woke up and smacked her on the back of the head with her paw. momcat jumped off the bed and sat on the floor with a look of annoyance. roswell went back to sleep. i ordered chinese food.

one small step for a man, one giant leap for momcat kyle relations.

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