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weekend fun times

last night trillian and i went out to first friday -- where all the art galleries stay open late and serve food and booze. we met up at cuba libre, a swank and awesome restaurant where i had rice and beans. then we checked out the galleries and ran into photographers paul winkifield and the ... incomparable? irrepressible? incorrigible? alfie wang.

then trill and i went to tangerine, because we're superswank and that's where the superswank hang out. there were some Very Noisy and Uncouth People behind us. i don't know how they got in. trill tasered one of them though and they shut up for the rest of the evening.

then this morning we went to the Belgium Cafe. i had The Most Awesome vegan chipped beef. it had a great mushroom sauce over chopped seatan over bread. hearty and delicious. trillian had ... une oeuff. (that was a joke.)

now she's sending letters to theater companies and i'm finishing up some interviews and YES JENNIFER, YOUR ARTICLE ON THREE POINT LIGHTING. and the slide show for tuesday night's book signing at germ. (come out to that, i want to see you.)

oh, i heard some nice news from my sister who lives in Dinkytown Wisconsin -- she saw a copy of my book on the "reserve" shelf at her local bookstore and the clerk said he'd sold a dozen copies of it. how cool!

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