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so last night trillian said "i think we should make a hearty vegan 'beef' stew" -- because it was cold out and it sounded like the thing. so, while she rehearsed monologues, roswell and i went to work. trill had read a recipe that suggested using flour in stew stock, so we tried it and dang if it didn't make a huge difference.

it was splendid. then we watched Banlieue 13 which is this kick ass french action movie. in the special features they kept saying "la pose du kung fu" -- it became the phrase of the night. "he trillian, check out la pose du kung fu -- hiyah!" "what are you doing there trill?" "c'est mon pose du kung fu!" "aww, look at tatty's pose du kung fu!"

the "beef" is canned seatin that my local asian grocery store sells.

regarde la visage du kung fu au roswell:

she ate that stew up, by the way.

now i'm sitting by the fireplace working on my slide show for tuesday.

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