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Germ Books Signing

GERM books signing went frabjuously!

the place was packed. and everybody laughed and had a great time during my slide show. i got to meet lots of cool people. what a great night!

i'd been looking at Germ's website for a few weeks thinking "wow, this place looks cool..." but i was unprepared for exactly how amazing it was going to be.

Nicki Jaine discovered that at Germ you could find the perfect gift for everyone!


and, sky full of stars, freaking Judith freaking Schaecter was there. Trillian and I acted all cool, and I don't think she caught on that I'm just a simpering fanboi.

how cool is germ books?

and here's me and store owner and cult music icon David E. Williams with Robot (i think we're both channeling ozzy) -- he was really awesomely cool.

Great night! After the signing David, Judith, Trillian and I went out to a great restaurant called Azure. It was a stupifyingly awesome time. I really am the luckiest person on Earth.

Thanks everybody.

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