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cuts be damned!

so ... yesterday trillian and i went out for brunch at the Silk City Diner -- there was really no reason for us to go there, their vegetarian selection is pathetic, but i'd accidentally thought we were meeting people there (oops, wrong day). but we looked swell anyway:

we realized that we were very close to the edgar allan poe house, so we went there. here's trillian being splendid in virginia clemm's room. they can tell which room was likely hers because of the dozens of bobby pins found under the floorboards. i didn't know this, but bobby pin design changed rather frequently during the past several hundred years and they were able to say which bobby pins were likely to have belonged to the young mrs. poe because of the years of their design. anyway. bobby pins.

poe himself wrote nothing about the house, except in a single letter to a friend where he says "come vist, i live at 7th and spring garden". here's trillian being fabulous in the room they think poe used to write.

because they tore down the horse stables that used to be to the south, poe's place gets great light.

now it's time to be fabulous someplace else.

we went to the sketch club, philadelphia's oldest arts organization, founded by thomas eakens. there trillian ran into another woman from wyoming. i couldn't hear very well because they were chatting in one another's ears ... but i think she was from some place called Great Rock (i imagine there are a lot of those in wyoming). she was utterly charming. she served in the united states army for twenty years as a nurse. her husband, she met in okinawa japan, he was an army doctor, and still teaches medicine at temple. she seemed marvelous. a life well lived and without regret. what more can we ask for?

we hung out at the sketch club for a while.

then we went back to trillian's where she got her 1930 Electrola from Jim. It's a shiny and marvelous piece of equipment. a portable talking machine that we can take on picnics! Jim showed her how it worked and we danced the night away to some foxtrots.

then i went home and got the keh-tenz.

and that's about it.

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