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Long story short...


1) Momcat3 and two kittens rescued and brought to my house. One kitten missing.

2) Days go by. Project M.E.O.W. (Make Every One Wanted)looks for kitten every six hours, they set traps.

3) Four days go by. Howling winds, rain, sub zero temperatures. The thought of the kitten alone outside eats me up and I can't sleep. It eats up project M.E.O.W. too. They consider just letting Momcat3 go again in the hopes she can find the kitten. We all decide not to.

4) I figure the kitten is dead.

5) Project M.E.O.W. calls four days later. Happy Xmas, they found the kitten! It's alive!

6) They bring it over.

7) Six hours later it looks ... dead. I find it on the sofa, unresponsive, listless, like a wet rag. It can't hold it's head up, it's lying in a pool of bloody, clear fluid. I pick it up so that it'll have someone loving it when it dies.

8) I call Stacy and ask if she can take me to the Vet Hospital (I'm still on crutches). She comes and gets me and drops us off. I hand over the kitten, wrapped in a towel to the emergency room staff. "I think it may be dead," I say. They rush it into the back room.

9) The staff asks me what the kittens name is. I say it doesn't have one, and that I don't want to give it one because I think that'll make it worse when it dies. They say "every kitten needs a name. Give it a Christmas name." "Okay," I say, "how about Bing". They like it.

9) Three minutes later a vet student comes out and says "your kitten's fine. It had severely low blood sugar and an upper resperatory infection. It was probably about 30 minutes away from dying. But we put him on a glucose IV and he sat right up, started running around, and now she's eating like a pig.

10) This morning, I pick up Bing and bring her home.

Bing's going to have medical bills, and so will her mom and siblings. If you'd like to contribute, please feel free. Anything above and beyond the actual expenses will go to City Kitties and Project M.E.O.W..

Happy Second Birthday Bing!

You know what Bing and his family need more than money? A Home.

EDIT: photo of bing while she was in the hospital

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