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more from the film noir -- cuts be damned.

Here's another "behind the scenes" from yesterday's "pork pie hat" shoot, showing how we did the shadows on the wall. a bare flash about 4 feet to yag's right. and then the snooted strobe would be aimed at trill's face to light that. note the gun safety techniques of our highly trained villain who will not even put his finger on the trigger of a water pistol.

one of the early shots before we realized that we had a neighbor handy to play the bad guy.

the background there was created by shooting a strobe through a gobo made out of the lid to a pizza box into which we'd cut some slits. like bill cosby always said on "fat albert" -- "if you're not careful, you just might learn something."

anyone want to recommend a good book or video on film noir lighting techniques?

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