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so on friday i became consumed with the idea that the reason that my latest videomaker article is like three weeks overdue is because i don't have a Delta Dolcevita to write it with, so I went down town to look at them at Holts. It really is jaw-droppingly beautiful (the medium sized fountain pen if you want to google it).... Met Trillian after work and we walked around -- it was a beautiful day. We passed a store and a dress in the window caught my eye. "Isn't that a great dress?" I said, "It sure is," said Trillian, so we went in and I bought it for her. The whole evening was such a wonderful time, even if I didn't get a new pen. In her new dress Trill was entirely too dolled up for us not to do anything, so we went out to a swank dinner, and then to see Alien vs. Predator Requiem (of course).

The anklet we got from in Dallas.

I cleaned the house, put together some furniture that I hope will organize my camera equipment a bit better, totally didn't finish that overdue article.

Last night we went and photographed the Dresden Dolls -- Brian and Amanda were sick as dogs so it was a bit sad, but the worlds greatest tour manager, Emily White was there and it was so great to see her. I gave her a copy of my book and while she was walking through the TLA someone said "Look! She has Kyle Cassidy's book!"


this really must be the best life any body's ever had, ever. I feel stupifyingly lucky every day.
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