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it's goudanuff for me ....

1 vegetarian cheese steak with smoked guda.

i managed to use the last couple days to get caught up on some serious waaaay behind stuff and still managed to sneak in an hour or so of pinball with trillian. she spent a lot of time with bing. i wrote a couple articles and some promo material, held roswell like a baby every day. it's been nice. new years eve i had a photo shoot for the Reading Symphony Orchestra -- it was a lot of driving around, but i feel the same excitement being back stage at a symphony that i do at a rock concert (there's just less booze), so that was fun, and i got to tour googleworks where they're having a show of some of the Armed America photos in June, it's a really really fabulous gallery. I'd thought previously "ah, it's out in the middle of nowhere, it'll never work" but as I was in line at the WaWa surrounded by 20 guys in camo I thought "hey, maybe it'll go over great here!" Reading, I've discovered, is a real gem in the wilderness -- it has a fantastic arts scene. Not just a fabulous orchestra, but lots of other talented artists. Anyhoo. I'm really glad I met Trillian last year. She's pretty special. That's all.

i'm ready to get back to photographing vets tattoos.....

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