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zombie attack

"She nailed boards over the windows and counted her ammo."

Trillian always looks ravishing during a zombie attack.

Three Days of Rain at the players club was fantastic. I really recommend it. My synopsis:

"On the day they are to come into their inheritance, the two adult children of a world famous architect discover the truth behind family secrets in a hidden diary found in a house they never knew they owned."

Three actors portray the two children and the son of their father's business partner as well as their parents, 40 years before in a drama that takes place in a single new york apartment building. Marvelous performances, beautiful staging, incredibly witty dialog and a story line that drags you from secret to revelation. Highly recommended. We'll probably try and round up the troops maybe this weekend and go back.

One thing I throughly enjoyed is that Trillian was treated like a superstar there -- everybody was like "look! it's Trillian! from My Cousin Rachel! and Morning Becomes Electra! after the show we were rushed backstage to meet the cast. And I got to hang around in the back, the completely unknown boyfriend, while people piled accolades on her. Then we got a tour of the set, including a fantastic rain machine that rained water down in a very convincing downpour across the stage.

It was awesome!

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