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hoping, increasing, hoping

I've bought some really great photography books in the last few months

Saguaros by Mark Klett.

Large format (4x5) Polaroid negatives of 100 some Saguaro cacti in southwestern New Mexico. I never thought such a book could hold someone's attention. But it does. Not only the photography which can be called "sumptuous" -- all of the prints are made painstakingly and lovingly, the reproduction is amazing -- but the cacti themselves, they are so different and have such character, they're like portraits of people.

And at the antipodes of Klett's amazing technical workmanship is another really amazing book:

Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy by Abby Banks

Abby drove across the country photographing DIY, punk, squatter, anarchist houses. Things of such transience -- they're works of art painted on water. Abby got incredible access and photographed things most of us will never get a chance to see. It's a fat book with, I think 200 pages of photos of 42 houses. Think of it as the biggest Zine you'll ever own. the paper stock is well suited to her austere DIY sensibility, the photos are stylistic, gritty, and beautiful.

Trill and I watched Kamakazi Girls which was cute and funny and wonderful.

Saucer and Shortbus are exploring the living room for the first time. They're so cute.

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