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Who doesn't have Trillian Stars in their "interests"?

So, I went to see the new Trillian Stars play, the Odyssey (which was wonderful) -- afterwards I totally hung out by the back stage exit and got her to autograph my program!

(Photographed with Roswell to Enhance Value)

And I was charming and commented on how cool her dress was and ... how did it turn out you wonder?

Well, a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. But I can tell you that Breakfast with Roswell hand a special guest star this morning!

SWEET BARKING CHEESE! THAT'S TRILLIAN STARS THE FAMOUS ACTRESS!!!!! How does he do it?! Is this man made of pure charm and pheromones??1!!

and in other news:

the Anti Craft has left the building. Safe trip home and much love from Casa Del Milla.


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