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epic review

After Trillian's performance last night, we went to dinner with LawbabeAK and Dame Judy Dench then lounged around the house playing pinball and listening to Dresden Dolls covers. Trill sashayed around in her ball gown (like she always does) and this morning we discovered a marvelous review of the Odyssey in the City Paper.

"I have never been so moved, sitting in a pew" the reviewer writes. You have but one scant week left to be so moved yourself.

Epic Delight
A wide-open theater space makes for a thrilling Odyssey

by Mark Cofta


The performers slide effortlessly from narration to characters, enacting a riveting, tightly focused 95-minute tale with genuine emotion — even while accompanying themselves with chimes, rain sticks, tuning forks, guitar, autoharp, rattles and drums, and rarely facing one another. This could be a radio play, but we'd miss the subtle ways they lean into and back from their candles to capture illumination like ancient fireside storytellers, using their hands' graceful motions and careful vocal modulation, using the sanctuary's reverent echo to maximum effect.

Though they never step from their stations — Reed, Kuhn and Trillian Stars, dressed in simple earth tones, are in place playing before the audience enters — director Rowen Haigh's staging is strikingly beautiful, most importantly because it never distracts from their clear, honest portrayal of dozens of clearly delineated characters.

The Odyssey is a vivid reminder of theater's ability to make the past present. I have never been so moved sitting in a pew.


The Odyssey Through March 15, Curio Theatre Co., Calvary Center for Culture and Community, 4740 Baltimore Ave.,215-525-1350,

Roswell's barfed about 15 little hairballs all over the house this morning. You set something down, she barfs on it.

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