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we are family (etc. etc.)

my sister was in town over the weekend.

thursday trill and i went to see "shutter" at the ritz -- an american remake of the thai horror flick from 2004, it was good, but a little glossy. friday we watched the original on VCD and agreed it was better. lots of screaming going on at casa del milla.

hung out with my sister and the nieces and nephews on saturday -- we rented a mazda miata from and zoomed around with the top down. it sure was fun, but don't expect to travel with anything more than say a pair of gloves. there's no room in that car for anything other than people (there's plenty of room for tall people though, which was very nice).

then trillian and i went to see august wilson's "the piano lesson" at the arden theater on sunday. it was a nice theater, i hadn't been before. the play was incredible -- three hours, not a one of them dull. so many lines, especially for Kes Khemnu who charged through the play with nonstop mile-a-minute monologues, a wonderful performance -- guns and ghosts and whiskey. we had a swell time. it's always a swell time when trillian's around.

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