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"Amanda, I'm in love"

I had the Dresden Dolls song "Delilah" stuck in my head this morning because [exciting news still not ready for prime time] -- I'd never really listened to the words until, I'm sad to admit, like, oh, last Thursday. And I was like "sweet barking cheese, that's a beautiful song." I was pretty cowed by what a beautiful song it was. Really. Previously I'd figured it was about a car trip or a hair cut, but it's not.

Did I mention I was impressed?

Anyway, so back to today when I thought, "Dang, I should listen to that song." So I looked for it on youtube and what do I see?

Milla's house!

how cool. It starts off with a shot in my friend Karen's attic and ends up with a great Kelly Davidson photo that I wish I'd taken.

It's such a great song.

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