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i have my breakfast room back....

With Shortbus and Momcat3 gone things are slowly returning to normal at Casa del Milla. The breakfast room is again the breakfast room. We sat out there this morning and all the cats came out and flounced on the stuff they haven't been able to flounce on for months.

Momcat3 and Shortbus are having a difficult time adjusting to their new home and are spending a lot of time hiding under the sofa. I wish I'd been able to get them a real person sooner. I fear that every minute they spent away from people the last three months is so much more time it's going to take to win them back. At the end, they'd adjusted to me, but would still hide when other people came into the room. It's going to take a lot of love. Best of luck Jill & thanks.

Last night I worked on my travel diary, worked on my taxes, then Trill and I played pinball for a while and went out for dinner with some friends of hers (a journalist and a librarian) then we stopped in at Abbraccio and came home. Then Trillian read me The Strange Monster of Strawberry Lake, which was awesome.

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