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Tonight in West Philly -- a fun-o-rama!

Those of you looking to complete your Kyle Cassidy photography collection or who just want to hear an exciting and interesting lecture will want to stop by the West Philadelphia Barns and Noble on 36th and Walnut tonight to see John Jackson speak and get a copy of his book Racial Paranoia: The Unintended Consequences of Political Correctness. I did the very nice author photo on the back.

There's probably sushi at Pod afterwards.

John Jackson's blog is here: and the books webpage is He's a wonderful person and a fantastic speaker.

Hope to see some of you tonight.


John Jackson Discussion and Signing
Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, John Jackson, will join us to discuss his new book, "Racial Paranoia." In this book, Dr. Jackson identifies a new paradigm of race relations that has emerged in the wake of the legal victories of the civil rights era: racial paranoia. We live in an age of racial equality punctuated by galling examples of ongoing discrimination-from the federal government's inadequate efforts to protect the predominantly black population of New Orleans to Michael Richards's outrageous outburst. In Racial Paranoia, Jackson explains how this paranoia is cultivated, transferred, and exaggerated; how it shapes our nation and undermines the goal of racial equality; and what can be done to fight it.
Time: 06:30 PM-07:30 PM
Location: Penn Bookstore, 2nd level events area


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