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the play's the thing....

Thursday trillian_stars and I went to see Othello at the Lantern Theater -- we had front row seats that Trill had scored using whatever "Hello, this is Trillian Stars" theater mojo she has. It amazes me how versatile that play it -- that it can really be either Iago's play or Othello's play -- Iago can either be creepy, or he can be funny -- though I think too often he falls into cartoonish caricature, a sort of creeping Wormtongue. I think Peter Pryor does an excellent job of playing here a charismatic villain. Iago is charming, he is funny, and he is evil. I think Luigi Sottile will probably be too quickly overlooked in this production as the practical Prince Charming, Casio, a role he plays to an animated Disney perfection. He is too good, too noble, and too trusting in a real and believable way, as is his contrition. His acting is effortless, invisible.

Then last night we went to New York to see Patty LuPone in Gypsy. Being the age that I am (ahem), Patty LuPone is, forever for me, Evita and I guess I'm not prepared to see her as anything other than glamorous.

And Trillian got a hat.

*** EDIT ***: Hat by Boring Sidney, and the dress is by Evolution. Trillian's hair by Mourning Tousle.


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