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i'm leavin, on a jet plane

I wasn't sure how much of this was Super Top Secret and exactly how Super Top Secret it might be, but since Amanda mentioned it in her blog, I guess it's okay to talk about.

I'll be in Boston a lot of next week working on some Dollz related photos of EIPC proportions. Y'all are gonna be blown away. Like Amanda said, October 13 will be Christmas. If I told you more, you'd all just scream like babies for the next five months clutching your chests and pulling your hair in unbearable anticipation. Suffice to say it's gonna blowz you awayz.

In other news, I had a great interview with DMZ magazine in Berlin today. And I'm writing an article for the Hong Kong edition of Marie Claire.

Tonight Trill and I are going to the "Bring your own trillian_stars party. Swank.

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