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serves you right!

Here's what you get if you invite Kyle Cassidy and trillian_stars to your shin-dig and it says "creative formal dress".


We met many wonderful people from Austin and saw a lot of old friends we hadn't seen in a long time. It was especially wonderful to see our good friend Tristan who was DJing, it's been a long time and a difficult road. And congrats to Drewid and Valerini!

In other news, Trillian is kicking my butt in pinball at the moment. I have many free minutes to post. I ruined the last game where she'd left me two locked balls, I unlocked then and then watched in complete horror as all three went straight for the drain and I scored no points. Trillian laughed and laughed like the Three Stooges and Harpo Marx were having a pie fight right in the living room. It was humiliating.

*thanks to philforrest for pressing the shutter button! saving us much bumbling about with the self timer.
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